Sanitation Standard for Food Use Detergents2017/06/12

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Sanitation Standard for Food Cleansers



 DOH Food No.0960404499 Amended, 09/20/2007

MOHW Food No. 1021350146 Amended, 08/20/2013

MOHW Food No 1041300838 Amended, 04/27/2015
MOHW Food No 1061301328 Amended, 06/12/2017 


Article 1

This Standard is prescribed in accordance with the provisions of Article 17 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.

Article 2

The food cleansers referred in this standard are used to disinfect or clean foods, food utensils, food containers and food packaging.

Food utensils, containers and packages using disinfectants for commercial sterilization operations in accordance with "Good Hygiene Practice for Canned Foods", does not apply to this standard.

Article 3

Maximum tolerance of hazardous materials:

1.    Arsenic: the diluted solution based on the label direction of the product shall not contain more than 0.05 ppm of arsenic (as As2O3).

2.    Heavy metals: the diluted solution based on the label direction of product shall not contain more than 1 ppm of heavy metals (as Pb).

3.    Methanol: Not more than 1 mg/ml.

4.    Nonylphenol and Nonylphenol ethoxylate: Not more than 0.1 % by mass.

5.    Fluorescent brightening agent: Not be detected.

6.    Flavorings and coloring agents to be used in the products shall be compatible with "Standards for Specification, Scope, Application and Limitation of Food Additives".

The preceding paragraph applies only to liquid synthetic detergent main ingredients is synthetic surfactant, for dish washer detergent are not included.

Article 4

The substances which list in Appendix 1 are used to disinfect food-contact surfaces in food utensils, food containers and food packaging, and no longer have to rinse for water, to using limitations shall accord the Appendix 1.





Article 5

The substances which list in Appendix 2 are used to disinfect food, the usage limitations shall be in accordance with the Appendix 2. After using for the compounds listed in the table, it shall be followed by a potable water rinse or by blanching or cooking. The final food shall contain no more than the limitations specified in the Table.





Article 6

This Standard shall be implemented from the date of promulgation.